Our continuous product support and enhancement policy, ensures that all client requirements are met and maintained through either our product guidance, bug reports or new feature requests. The support team at Beenerds provides continuous assistance to clients in troubleshooting, identifying and resolving problems that arise during the operation of a system. Experts in operating Beenerds systems and applications, help users through one of the following services:

Incident tracking system

Remote web assistance

Help desk phone support

On-site visits.

Automated Server Side Tools both on the software and hardware level are keeping our support team informed to proactively support unexpected system errors.

For customers with 24/7 maintenance contracts we offer online, phone support. All calls are monitored and recorded and our online quality management maintenance and support system at gives our customers real time update on the status of their inquiry with a unique traceable inquiries id number. All new requests and their time of delivery are managed and tracked through online system. The new feature enhancements are included in the maintenance cycle with a maintenance fee of 18% of the total cost of the enhancement module.

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